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Stephen Duros and his “Néa Iméra”

OltreRock here, today 12th April 2024 is a great day for good music, Stephen Duros has jus released his brand new single called ” Néa Iméra”.

I have had the honor to talk with this amazing guitarist last year and listened to a thousand times to his last record called “Manhattan Sessions”( I highly recommend it!).. And today blossoms this beautiful, delicate new tune which has a greek title (honoring the author’s roots) meaning “new day”.

A new day, a new beginning: imagine you are opening your eyes, rays of light are caressing the room and you are just ready to get up and start your life once again, the guitar is singing the rythm of your steps through the day.

Duros is no doubt a master in visualizing his song while composing and writing, be ready to start a new journey every time you listen to his tunes.

“Néa Iméra” is instrumental, has all the shades of a typical day we all can live, the sun but also the shades, the smiles and the time to reflect.

The notes keep chasing the poetry of Duros, that puts his heart and soul in music.

The song has a beautiful old vinyl start and mixes flamenco with jazz, acoustic and electric guitar are together to tell the story of a new dawn, the amazing sunrise of life.

Grateful for the preview dear Stephen!

You all take care and go listen to this little pearl, you deserve it.

Here you have the link for my interview with the author, don’t miss it!

…and my review about “The Manhattan Sessions”!

Pump Up the Volume!



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