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Yngwie Malmsteen, a sold out italian tour

OltreRock here, today Malmsteen and his Italian sold out tour , composed by four dates:

09 November, Orion Live Club (Roma)

10 November 2023, Viper Club (Firenze)

11 Novembre 2023, Alcatraz, (Milano)

12 November 2023, Hall (Padova)

Yngwie was on stage with his musicians, Emilio Martinez on bass, Kevin Klingenschmid on drums and Nick Z. Marino on keys and backvocals.

The stage was minimal- Marshall based, and the band that introduced the Maestro was Limberlost: directly from Seattle, two front-women and four musician for half an hour concert that did not disappoint the crowd.

Now..it’s SHOWTIME!

I was in Firenze and the club was packed of admirers of this virtuoso that is the essence of the showman that will keep you hypnotized for one hour and 45 minutes.

Lights and smoke and Maestro opened up with Rising Force.

60 years old but he keeps moving and kicking a hundred picks (fans in the first rows definitely loved it) per night like a teenager, he is in great shape, no doubt!

More than 20 songs , Trilogy, Seventh Sign, You don’t remember, I’ll never Forget, Black star but also a couple cover like Red House (Hendrix) and Smoke on the Water (Deep Purple) and the shredding divinity offered an anthology of his incredible carreer to the enchanted crowd.

Long live Maestro Yngwie and thanx for the amazing show!

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