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The Effect: debut single, UNWANTED, is out today

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Today 13th October 2023, The Effect, aka Trev Lukather, Steve Maggiora, Nick Collins and Emmet Lee Stang release the debut single called UNWANTED.

Be prepared for classy retro touch of keyboards, a powerful psychedelic guitar solo, a scratchy rock’n’roll voice and an energetic drum set, this tune will easily get stuck in your thoughts all day long.

On bass we have Josh Paul, written by all the guys, produced by Lukather’s son ( proud dad day for sure Luke, ha? ) mixed by Will Brierre, mastered by John Greenham.

The music video is directed by Trev’s beautiful and talented wife, Madison Leigh Lukather (btw she is the daughter of Journey’s keyboardist, Jonathan Cain) , styled by The Sister’s Closet, edited by Trev, Jake Hays as director of photograhy, lighting by Liza Cain and the allmighty Steve Maggiora.

Tickets are on sale for their first gig together on 15th October at the following link:


So far so good guys, to many more!

Pump up the Volume!



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