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ToTo in Arena di Verona, 25th July 2022, chronicle of an incredible musical experience

ToTo in Arena di Verona, 25th July 2022, chronicle of an incredible musical experience

Yesterday 25th July 2022 ToTo played their heart out in Italy, in an unbelievable packed Arena di Verona.

This venue is one of the most beautiful venue in the whole world, the greatest open air Roman Amphitheatre of the 1st Century.

Almost 10 thousand people sang and danced with the band that presented a brand new lineup with a jawbreaking setlist.

The acustic of the Arena was delightful and lights were absolutely stunning. Chapeau to ToTo Crew.


Founder member David Paich was unfortunately not on stage but he still is the Artistic Director of the band, with his bandmates and lifelong friends Steve Lukather on guitar and Joseph Williams on vocal, John Pierce (Huey Lewis) on bass, the multi instumentist Warren Ham (Kansas, Ringo All Starr Band) Dominique Xavier Taplin (Prince, Ghost Note) and Steve Maggiora (Robert John and the Wreck) on keys and Robert Sput Searight (Snoop Dogg, Justin Timberlake, Snarky Puppy, Ghost Note) on drums.

Joseph Williams had a cristal clear, flawless voice, the band was litterally on fire.


Orphan, opens fire!! Directly from TOTO XIV (2015), a modern anthem written by Paich, Williams and Lukather. Lyrics that fits perfectly the moment we are living in, Joseph sounded just perfect and trust me, the band sounds better than ever.

I will post you the official videos of the following songs, since I am not a fan of YouTube “homemade live” video. (Trust me go grab a ticket to see them LIVE!!!) Enjoy!

A ToTo classic, Hold the line, written by David Paich in their debut studio album , self named, in 1978. The new band fits in so good and the crowd just adored it.

A few notes by Xavier and there you go!

The people in the Arena were ready to shine a light singing along with Steve Lukather in I’ll be over you . This jem was in Farenheit (1986).

Luke ‘s vocal and solo were incredible.

He just keep getting better and all the fans love the guitarist out of the galaxy he is.

The whole venue was full of flashing lights that created a fairy tale, dreamy atmosphere.

Beware. This song has brutal side effects like falling in love with the band and the outstanding ART they produce on stage.

A poem you need to listen at least once in your life, do I have do say that that guitar was singing during the solo?

A magician called Luke, it’s his fault.

Xavier time and in a few note we recognized White sister.

This song, written by Kimball and Paich was in ToTo’s second Album, Hydra (1979) .

Dreaming with another stellar guitar solo and the highness of Joe’s voice, onstage the guys were smiling and having a great time, we were just amazed.

Going back again in 1978 with Georgy Porgy , this song has a brand new dress styled by Xavier.

Luke and Steve Maggiora on vocals, who showed all his abilility to sing very funky high notes.

Well done guys.

This is a song about a girl that was unkind to Joe (quote).

Pamela, straight from “The seventh one”, 1988.

TOTally honest, Joseph is singing better than EVER.

People singing, dancing, waving hands, celebrating this ageless, incredible music, it sounded like a huge party.

So much happyness in that amphitheatre.

Kingdom of Desire is the song that gives the title to ToTo’s last album with Jeff Porcaro (1992).

Beautifully rock, written by Danny Kortchmar, Luke gifted the crowd with a raw, powerful and soulful solo that set the whole Arena on fire.

10+++++ is not enough.

You are the flower is the band homage to the first singer of the band, Bobby Kimball.

Written by Kimball himself, you can find this song in ToTo’s first record (self named,1978)

By his own words, Bobby is also one of Joe’s favorite singer ever.

Second half of the concert was running fast and the music was soo groovy that nobody could resist to move and enjoy the incredible hot night (every meaning is right in this case, you choose)

We must admit that Italy was Waiting for your love dear ToTo!

Words game apart, this song is another pearl written by Kimball and Paich you can find on TOTO IV.

The energy of the band was simply contagious.

Home of the Brave is a masterpiece from The Seventh One (1998) and its authors are Paich, Lukather, Jimmy Webb and Williams.

What about Warren Ham vocals on it?

A classy song, you feel the great, good vibes on stage and the crowd was mad about the guys.

The guitar enchants me (and I am in good company for sure) all the time, it’s an intense structured, delightful jem, you can hear the layers of experience and maestry of this band that keeps rocking so greatly.

With a little help from my friends written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney ( Sgt Pepper Lonely Heart Club Band, 1967), is a pure treat, an homage to The Beatles, sang by Lukather and Williams and a little help from Steve Maggiora and Xavier on the higher notes.

The aliens landed in Arena di Verona last night, I am pretty sure about it, this band is just too good to be real.

Just when you think if is it possible to be happier in life, you hear Sput & the half time shuffle of Rosanna, the world famous hit written by David Paich (TOTO IV, 1982).

It just never gets old, a classic, immortal rock song that simply describes the band.

Warren Ham played a beautiful sax solo in this fresh version and all the guys played with all their hearts.

Verona was amused, it was a river of people having the best time of their lives.


It’s Africa time.

A blessing and a curse“, the most famous and requested (and covered of course) song of the band, written by Maestro Paich in 1982 and last song on TOTO IV.

Serengetti in a rock song. Who else could ever?!

Maggiora and Xavier did an epic work on keys.

The Arena exploded, no need to say more.

Stop loving you, this is the last song (The Seventh One, 1988), written by Paich and Lukather, I realized I had lost my voice and danced for the whole concert (miracle happen – for the dancing part, losing the voice is a risk you have to take if you attend to the concert of the best band ever).

Joe is incredible, 34 years have passed but it feels like a few months, the voice is simply jawbreaking.

We were all finally standing (in the last three song we wished well and greeted security) and partying old school together.

What a night.

I was waiting for this day like a little girl on Christmas Day.

This band SOUND LIKE A RECORD. Do you understand?

Flawless, effortless, classy, soulful music that enters your heart like no other does.

Thank you guys for the best concert of my life!

Forever grateful.


Going Home… You sound like happyness.


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  1. Great concert and great night as usual when Toto play! I was hoping to listen a little bit longer the concert considering all the incredible songs Toto have written and not go back home at 23.20 🤷‍♂️😩. Waiting for new Toto’s album and new concerts!

  2. This is the 15th incarnation of the band, continuing on with Toto’s legacy and tradition of having only the very best musicians on board. Hope they make a new studio album together – TOTO XV with the 15th incarnation of the Toto. All very fitting.

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