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Steve Lukather, a NEW album is on the way!

OltreRock here!

I have the pleasure to write something about Steve Lukather, living legend of the music, guitarist of ToTo and Ringo AllStarr Band, one of the golden session man back in the days, songrwriter, singer, producer, author of the best seller biography “The Gospel According to Luke”, amazing storyteller and the list could go on and on, OltreRock has written (and always will) lots of times about him and you all know who I am talking about: THE MAN HIMSELF!

Currently on the road with Toto, Usa & Canada tour has started 4th February together with Journey (but many solo dates are in store, don’t miss them!) and the band is on fire with a renewed setlist you will absolutely love.

Thanx for the great cover picture to Kim Melville!

The jawdropping news is that Steve Lukather is releasing a NEW SOLO ALBUM in june 2023!

According by the podcast “No guitar is safe”, interviewed bu Jude Gold, talking about “God’s guitar player” (as Lukather refers to him) Jeff Beck (God Bless His soul) he reveals that his new work will be completely different from the last one: if you want to read my review of “I found the sun again” here you have the link.

The title is BRIDGES, and it’s going to be a retro album, 8 tracks old school, with tasteful and melodic guitar parts and pretty much song oriented.

Stellar collaborations like ToTo’s lifelong friends and bandmates Maestro David Paich and Joseph Williams but also Simon Phillips and his own son Trev Lukather (who produced one song).

You can listen to the GUITAR PLAYER magazine podcast here:


Looking forward to listen to the new tunes, all the love and best wishes for the tour ahead dear Steve!

I just cannot wait and I know I am in good company!!

Pump Up the Volume!



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  1. Hope Steve Lukather, David Paich and Joseph Williams could soon write and release a new album with their new Toto band mates. This is becoming a really great incarnation of the band and it’ll be a pity not to do an album together to mark this moment in the history of the band. It will also put the naysayers who keep saying “this is not Toto” to rest.

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