Racconti rock…e oltre. Rock stories…and beyond.

66 trips around the sun for the legend of the guitar, Steve Lukather!

Oltrerock here!

21st October 1957: the one and only aka the best guitarist ever was born!

Founder member of ToTo (the only member who played in all 15 incarnations of the band), stellar session Musician ( he has worked with so many great artistis that it’s impossible to name all of them), author of the best seller “The Gospel according to Luke” and guitarist of Ringo Starr and his All Starr Band , amazing storyteller and let me tell ya, one of the sexiest man alive, a new year ahead full of live music and an amazing new album released in june (16th)!

Don’t forget to read my review about that masterpiece!

Luke just never disappoints, he plays his soul off on that guitar, you can hear his touch, his taste, his experience and his passion in every single note.

I created this little video to wish Luke all the best on his special day, check it out!

To many, many more Luke!

May all of your wishes come true, sending all my love!

Pump up the volume!



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