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Stephen Duros and his “Manhattan Sessions”

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On 14th April 2023 Stephen Duros released his album ” The Manhattan Sessions”.

Keyboardist, guitarist, light director for about 20 years for ToTo ( just take a look at Live in Poland 2013, to name one..), Olivia Newton John, Ottmar Liebert (he also played with his band for 4 years in the mid 2000’s), his album is an instrumental music journey.

It’s a New York City themed album, I wanted to write about all the memories I’ve had in NYC when on tour as a lighting director and musician. Musically I wanted to pull from all the early musical roots I grew up with. The album has an overall 70’s vibe to it.


Lost ih his memories, his guitar finds the voice to translate feelings, moments and lights into music.

Eleven songs, sophisticated and urbane sounds, you can breathe the atmosphere of the city that lingers through the notes.

‘The Manhattan Sessions’ featuring some special guests on select songs – Lenny Castro on percussion, Ken Freeman on bass, Larry Crowe on drums and Mary Fettig on Horns.


This album is what you need to listen when you are tired, worried, looking for peace of mind, a jazzy ray of light that can fix your day.

The last song of the album, “Westbound Traveler / New York to Los Angeles” closes the circle: it’s about going back to Los Angeles and it’s melancholic.

I appreciate the idea of the album, the author tells his traveling story and the listener is part of this journey : I personally adored the track number two, called “It’s electric/ City Lights” , If I close my eyes I am there! Chapeau, Mr Duros!

Don’t forget to visit his website where you can find the detailed biography and much more https://www.stephenduros.com/

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