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“It’s time” for Trev Lukather

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Today, 10th February 2023 it’s a big day for Trev Lukather, his new tune “it’s time” is finally out!

Producer, musician, songwriter, son of super Art ( Toto’s Steve Lukather + Runaways’ Marie Currie) this is his year: he has married his beautiful Madison Cain ( yes, her father is Jonathan Cain from Journey!) in December and his solo album will see the light in 2023.

This is the second song we have had the pleasure to listen to: the first one was “I wish”, and if you wanna learn more don’t miss my article about it here:

Produced and written by Trev himself, lots of first class artists on it like the great Steve Maggiora (currently on tour with ToTo in the USA, unbelievable voice + keys) and Josh Paul.

The tune sounds like an anthem shouted loud in a megaphone: the words and the music wanted to flow, it was about time to let the world know them!



trev lukather

The guitar is tasty, fresh and very Trevlutkatherian, it’s him, no doubt: finally somebody who sounds like..HIMSELF!

That’s what I think every time that I listen to his riffs, and that must not be easy growing up surrounded by so many musical legends…but he did find his own identity and it’s loud and clear.

Check out the video (where you can also spot the beautiful Mrs Lukather too):

No need to say that I can’t wait for the whole album, so far so good!

In the meanwhile you can discover more about him in his website: https://www.trevlukather.com/

Pump up the volume!



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