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Trev Lukather: a new single and upcoming new solo debut album!

OltreRock here, be ready for 9th of December because Trev Lukather is releasing his first solo single called “You Wish”.

Son of Art, his father is the one and only Steve Lukather (ToTo) and his mother is the beautiful and talented Marie Currie (twin sister of Cherie Currie of the Runaways).

The apple did not fall faraway from the tree and Trev has developed an unique style in guitar.

He played guitar in ZFG (and toured with ToTo!) and LEVARA ( their album was actually pretty good but they split soon after the debut, and let me tell you Trev handled that situation like a gentleman, chapeau!), he is a producer, session musician and songwriter.

Here you have the link to shop Levara’s only work:


Trev and his soon wife to be, Madison Cain (daughter of Jonathan Cain!), pic from Trev’s Instagram

So now let’s talk about “You Wish”, written and produced by Trev himself, you will find Steve Maggiora (ToTo) on keyboards and backvocals, Jake Hayden (Dorothy) on drums, Kristian Attard (Sugar Ray, Heart) on bass and 504 Horns from New Orleans.

A little behind the scenes with Maggiora here:


’You Wish’ was the very first song I wrote and produced for the album. It set the overall sound and direction I would run with throughout whole EP/LP. It made sense to my team and I to release it first. The sessions began soon after I’d exited Levara, a band created as my primary creative vehicle at the time. I had a lot of angst, and emotions were in full swing. I call this the self-love angst anthem. We all deal with betrayal, envy, trolling, you name it. It all stems from a bigger issue. It’s a reflection of themselves. You have to love yourself and have the attitude of it’s their problem, not yours when you are attacked. Dig yourself, and know you are worthy and worth it. With that being said, instead of making some sad tune, I went the opposite direction. I wanted a song that made you want to dance but also mosh. I pulled a lot of inspiration from Peter Gabriel’s So album, but with heavy guitars and guitar solos. Incredible keys and background vocals from Steve Maggiora (Toto) who brought what he calls the Steve Choir to every song. In retrospect, I looked forward to every time he sent vocal stems to the studio. The 504 horns from New Orleans brought the brass. Kristian Attard (Heart, Sugar Ray) delivered the funk bass, and my musical brother Jake Hayden (Dorothy) brought the stick groove. This is a whole new chapter in my life. Not only am I getting married to the love of my life (Madison Cain) by the time this song is released, but I am releasing the first part of my personal diary over the last year and a half. Cheers to new beginnings.”


Let me tell you this guy is dropping a bomb: the song is fresh, layered with captivating musical experience and tastes, his guitar wants to tell its own story in its own personal way and you won’t get it easily out of your head.

I personally love Maggiora’s touch on the track, these two have a long road ahead.

It’s certainly going to be one of the most interesting musical project of the 2023.

Trev just knows how to rock, it just comes easy.

In a world where everybody sounds the same Trev has find his way to be recognizable.

Good work , I can’t wait to hear the whole thing!

I will keep you all updated, meanwhile pump up the volume!

Marica _Oltrerock


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