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Steve Lukather’s new single “When I see you Again”

OltreRock here!

The day has come!

Today 12th April 2023 Steve Lukather’s new single has seen the light and… BOOM!

Luke has dropped a BOMB, and be ready because in “When I see you Again” you will be blown away by the tune itself and the stellar musician who contributed to create the magic.

Take Luke’s touch on guitar, add Joseph Williams on backvocals add David Paich on keys and sprinkle with Simon Phillips on drums (recognizable after just one second): that’s the recipe for heaven and be ready to get it stuck in your mind.

The great Shannon Forrest mixed the drum track and the audio engineer is the amazing Ken Freeman (thanx Kathleen and Jay for the info).

Someway It sounds like ToTo last era combined with “Isolation” (ToTo 1984) and Luke, Joseph and Paich last works…and it works so good, trust me.

Currently on tour with ToTo (and with Ringo in May), Luke has a new record on the way, it will be called “Bridges”.

The Players Club and Mascot Label Group are proud to annouce the new studio album from Toto legend, Steve Lukather. His ninth solo album, ‘Bridges’, could not be more accurately titled. ‘Bridges’ presents deep roots and branches from Toto’s family tree, with past and present members contributing on both the writing and performance side. Luke shares, “I see it as a bridge between my solo music and Toto music. The fact that Joseph Williams, David Paich and I wrote most of the record, and the fact I invited many of the old Toto gang to come and play, co-writers like Randy Goodrum and Stan Lynch brings all this together. It also proves that most of my old pals and I are still great friends, and I wanted to do a record ‘in the style of,’ as Toto will never record another studio album. This is as close as we will get.”

That solo Luke!! And Maestro Paich on keys… those hands are butterflies, Simon’s drum is THE DRUM we need in a song!

The lyrics, people.. Luke is alive and kicking lots of asses (sorry for my french!), there’s just no doubt.

Technique, Touch, 40+ years experience, taste, is all you can find is this “totoish” tune and Luke: You did great and I hope you can feel the love we all have for you!

You Alien with white hair and big humble heart, top musician, amazing storyteller (your humour! ahhh!!) and incredible singer, Thanx once again for the Art you have gifted us today! Can’t wait for the whole album!

Preorder your copy at the following link!

Pump up that volume and listen to that jem you all!



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