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Steve Maggiora “Through it all”

Oltrerock here!

There is no doubt that Steve Maggiora (ToTo keys + Backvocals) is one of the most PROLIFIC and interesting musical artist of the year.

On 22nd September, his new tune “Through it all” will be released, he is co-author with Tati Raines and you will hear Jack Hayden, Bob Fridzema, Mike Khalil, Kim Melville and Derrik Wong on it.

Be ready to listen to a powerful vocal work on a young, modern , fresh ballad.

I had the pleasure to talk to Steve a couple months ago, here you have the full interview.

Maggiora is a talented cat and works really hard, the results are in your ears: this guy can sing for real, it’s not plastic autotune.

He is a producer, an author, a musician and he also found the time to work on the art-cover of this single!

Can’t wait for more, in the meanwhile pump up the volume!!!



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