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A new single for Steve Maggiora : BAD DREAM

OltreRock here!

Yesterday Steve Maggiora (keyboardist and backround vocalist for ToTo) released his new single, called BAD DREAM.

Now close your eyes and be ready to get emotional, this tune is a jem.

Maggiora this time offers the listener a powerful, soulful acoustic ballad, written by Steve Maggiora, Ian Cullen, Robert Jon Burrison, Andrew Espantman, Henry James Schneekluth, Warren Murrel.

Produced and recorded by Steve Maggiora at ASP Recordings, Palo Alto, CA, mastered by Mike Fossenkemper at Turtle Tone Mastering, New York, NY. Lyric video by Kyel.

I been thinking bout the wrong things, always wanted what I shouldn’t have. I know you’re not the thing I need but hold me down, hold me now. I don’t know what enough means, living life through a crooked path, people say it’s gonna kill me, but they don’t have what I have. And I ain’t about to figure out, this darkness keeps me coming round, and I ain’t letting go. I ain’t nothing but a bad dream, make you feel like you’re going crazy, get you caught up thinking you need someone to love. Well you keep getting on me, for being what you wished you had ,but you don’t really need me to se the good in my bad, ‘cause I’ve been cursed with pushing further than any of y’all wanna go…

Maggiora, amazing singer and musician, just never stops! In a few days he will be touring again with ToTo in Japan and even on the road he will be releasing new stuff on his patreon.

A neverending talent!

Don’t miss OltreRock’s interview with Steve, it was fun!

Pump up the volume!



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