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Steve Maggiora & OltreRock, the interview

OltreRock here!

I had the pleasure to interview Steve Maggiora (ToTo’s keyboardist + vocalist) about his musical universe: Toto, solo projects and beautiful collaborations.

Steve is just unstoppable : he was on tour with Toto til the beginning of May but he continued to work on the road for his patreon (new music weekly!) for his solo career (don’t miss my review about OUT OF YOUR MIND) and he also found the time to collab with Steve Lukather, Trev Lukather (on his tunes YOU WISH, THE SOUND and more) and his girlfriend Kim Melville (go and search for their version of MARS by Yungblud on spotify!).

Maggiora wrote a track with Warren Huart (The Fray, Aerosmith) for Steve Lukather, it’s called TAKE MY LOVE and he performs all keys and BG vocals on it, an amazing “dirty blues” song you will fall in love with!

And..more to come tomorrow.. a new song called KEEP TRUCKING!

And in february?!

Time to see the interview now: thank you again Steve, it was an honor to have you here on www.oltrerock.it.

Pump up the volume!



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