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Trev Lukather , his first single “The Sound”

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4th May 2023 is going to be memorable for Trev Lukather, guitarist, producer, songwriter and son of art, celebrating his 36th birthday + the release of his first single called “The Sound”.

A retro, modern 80s arena anthem with a strong message behind it

Produced and written by Trev himself, on the track we find the amazing Steve Maggiora (ToTo’s Keyboards + backvocals), Hector Maldonaldo (Train’s bass) and Josh Devine ( Drums in Levara + One Direction), cover art by Jake Hays, mixed by Will Brierre and mastered by John Greenham.

The sound is about hope of unity during a brutal time of division. We are so lost on our phones and ourselves. Lack of communication. War. Loss of freedom. Loss of human rights. Racism. Political meltdowns. Misinformation. Deadly earthquakes. We are derailing literally and figuratively. I wanted to send a message of how we are all on this floating speck in the universe together trying to find the meaning of why we are here . The reality is, no one is better than anyone else. We are on the same level. If that was more clear to everyone, we woldn’t have so much hate in our hearts. If we knew how small we are, it would be liberating, not debilitating.


The music video itself will be strongly meaningful..

Frames of “The Sound” collected from Trev’s Official Instagram Account.

I was in a Uber and my driver was a young woman from Iran. She was telling me aboutall of the struggles the people, especially what the woman were going through over there. I couldn’t even wrap my head around it. She reached out again on social media begging me to raise awareness because I had a following. I thought to myself , What can I do? I am just a musician from L.A. A post is not going to make a difference but maybe a song with a visual explanation will. At the same time we have all of the things listed above with what the song is about .The video also shows the message of unity as well. Heroic acts of people putting their life on the line to pull people out of rubble. It strikes a nerve. It hits home. To be honest I’ve never been more proud of anything that I’ve done.


No need to say this young man is finding his very own special way to communicate through music, his touch is unique and these words shows his good heart.

It seems nothing is missing for a great musical career ahead!

Stay tuned for more!

Pump up the volume!



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